About Us

To record, pause, rewind and play back time is a marvelous thing. The ability to harness captured time, alter it with creative precision and make it benefit someone else is what makes this service so special.

The objective of KF Videography is to use video in an artistic, creative and effective manner so that the individual needs of different clients are satisfied.

Kenton has been recording since the age of ten. It all started with home movies and making fun videos with friends. In high school, he participated in video production courses. Although he started his college career as a Physician Assistant undergrad, destiny corrected the path and he attained a degree in Communication with concentrations of Electronic Media and Journalism. Having created videos for clients from all across the United States, video views in more than 50 countries and sub-contracting for a nationally syndicated outdoors program, Kenton continues to expand his knowledge and experience in the video art form.

“There are two things that I’d like to believe I’m good at. Video is one. Helping people is the other. Video is so special to me because it allows me to make a difference in someone’s life.”

-Kenton Filipowicz

Below is a list of video services that we offer:

Wedding Videography 
Television Commercials
Website Promotional Videos
Dance Recitals
Music Videos
Corporate Events 
Testimonial Videos